The lives we lead as human beings on earth today are full of very happy and very sad events.
According to all the religious leaders, if we do not understand the truth, we will die prematurely. Today we can see this truth with our own eyes. We can see nothing more in this world of people who do not love trees and greenery. We see people dying so helplessly today. No matter how much charity power there is today, none of this matters. All these things have to be given up.
Today we can see their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters dying before their eyes. This is not only the case in India but also in other countries. So, it has been explained in a very practical way, giving meaning to the words of the Buddha that health is the greatest of all things today.
This situation could happen at any moment in the world, so we must all be strong enough to face this situation again.
There is so much to take away from life through these scenes we see today. There we will look at the main factors that contributed to this situation.

  1. Wrong experiments
  2. Power greed
  3. Not making the right decisions on time
  4. Lack of technological advancement
  5. Less education about health
  6. Failure to legalize health practices

First, let’s look at what these “wrong experiments” are.
With the advancement of science, people carry out various experiments, especially in biology, mechanics, molecular science and astronomy, as well as nuclear experiments. These experiments can be divided into two types. There is a very competitive background today as individuals or as institutions or as countries. It is an environment where one does not want to be defeated. For that, one is looking for ways to defeat the other day by day. Day by day they are looking for ways to destroy the other. Examples include military equipment, nuclear bombs, and biological weapons. None of this is of any use to any animal on earth.
So if the money spent on this can be spent on uplifting our education and health sector, it is very worthwhile.
The next thing is “greed for power”.
Today, there are countries in the world that have been branded as different powers and weaker. So these powerful countries are always influencing the weak countries and plundering the valuable resources of those countries. For this purpose, piracy, cultural corruption as well as intelligence piracy are being carried out using the destructive elements of technology. But my feeling is that the World Health Organization must provide a clear answer to this.
At a time when all nations need to stand united, there is something that countries fighting for this greed need to think about. That is, as long as the weak are weak, the other is strong, but very soon the weak will unite. Then there will be a war. What is needed is friendship rather than power. So extend the hand of friendship.
In such a situation, it is very important to make the right decisions on time. This catastrophe is the worst tragedy in the world so far. In such cases, it is necessary to make prudent decisions. Leaders of nations should have this knowledge and the health of the citizen should be their primary responsibility.
The next point is that “technological advancement is low.” This can be argued in a variety of ways. What we need to talk about in this article is whether we have the technology to face such a situation. Although we have the technology to go to the moon or another planet, we still can’t find a cure for COVID-19. Doesn’t this show that we study less about ourselves? Further studies are needed on the effects on the human body and its maintenance. Also, countries that are highly technologically advanced should take steps to pass on that technological know-how to other countries. Also, all the people in the whole world should think of themselves as citizens of one country and design technological policies.
In the same way, everyone should work with a greater focus on health issues and practice these health habits from an early age. Similarly, it is not enough just to practice the habit. It is imperative that a system of health regulations be established for this purpose.

I put my feelings on this page as one man living on this earth. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Leave your valuable comments below.
-Niroshan Basnayake



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